Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chill #2: Triangle

Who's that behind Melissa George?
Remember the movie Groundhog's Day? Imagine if your life was to relive the same day over and over again. Now, add a good dose of people dying. Congratulations, you're in the twilight zone. Okay, you're not really in an episode of The Twilight Zone. You're in Triangle.

The story revolves - almost literally - around Jess (Melissa George) as a group of friends she is sailing with stumble upon an old ocean liner after their ship capsizes. But as everyone around Jess starts to die, it becomes very clear that Jess holds all the answers. As time starts looping around Jess and all of these events begin to occur around her repeatedly, she has to find any way possible to get off this ship and back to her autistic son. As she puts it "My life is waiting for me to pick him up from school".

The pace is slow, but the final twist is well worth it, the point where nothing is explained, yet the audience can still feel that everything is resolved somehow. An echo of the myth of Sisyphus - with a dose of hubris and karma for good measure - help to place this morality tale about futility, gratitude, and second chances in our minds.


STORY: Slow, but enjoyable. The slow pace actually helps reinforce the seriousness of the Jess' situation. Besides, this is one movie that messes with your brain as is.

Rating: Seven pages (out of ten)

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Nothing too spectacular, which is good because the movie doesn't need it.

Rating: Five fireworks (out of ten)

GORE: Not much. Great for those who aren't too squeemish.

Rating: Two feet of intestines (out of ten)

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