Monday, February 7, 2011

Chill #1: Event Horizon

Possibly the scariest science fiction movie since Alien. It does have a slow start, but after trudging my way through forty minutes of techno-babble, the payoff was well worth it. For fans of "splatter" films, this movie puts director Paul W.S. Anderson right there with the rest of the 'Splat Pack.' Technically, he's not a member, but he really should be (remember that hallway scene in Resident Evil, anyone?). Anyways, as far as pre-Saw era movies go, this had a decent amount of gore. So be warned, this movie is not for the incredibly squeemish.

The story surrounds the crew of USAC 'Lewis and Clark' on a rescue and recon mission to retrieve the ship of the film's namesake 'Event Horizon.' Accompanying the crew is the inventor of Horizon's engine, Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill). And of course, Captain Miller of the Lewis and Clark (Laurence Fishburne) is not happy with anything that is happening - particularly because this unusual mission is interrupting an extended leave for his crew - and he takes everything out on Dr. Weir. Hey, We have to set up the scene somehow so Laurence Fishburne can really kick ass later.

It turns out that the reason Dr. Weir is attending this mission is that Horizon's special engine can create a black hole, and bend space to travel anywhere within seconds. And my, the places she has been in the seven years since it's disappearance leaves one with chills. After decoding and filtering the captains log, some members of Miller's crew can't watch - and neither could some members of the film's audience, I'm sure. No details here, just watch the movie and see for yourself.

Oh yeah, and wherever the engine took the Event Horizon, it came back alive... and pissed.

My Rankings

STORY: A little bit slow of the start, but if you enjoy science fiction than you should be able to understand the techno-babble. Nothing too exciting for horror fans until about the forty minute mark.

Rating: 6.5 pages (out of ten)

MUSIC: Suitable to the atmosphere, and helps keep the audience on their toes for the previously mentioned first forty minutes.

Rating: 10 bars (out of ten)

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Deep space liquid? Fire in zero-G? And not to mention Sam Neill with cuts all over his face...

Rating: 8 Fireworks (out of ten)

GORE: Burning bodies that walk and talk, dudes plucking their own eyes out, and a few things even more sinister that I dare not mention here, because I can't spoil your fun.

Rating: 9.5 feet of intestines (out of ten)


Tell me this isn't awesome???

Paul W.S. Anderson agreed to do this movie as he had high hopes of directing an R rated feature after his first film Mortal Kombat was adjusted and edited to a PG-13 rating. While making this film, there was about 30 minutes that had to be edited out due to battles with MPAA and studio producers, because they had been deemed too graphic. Watching some of the scenes that did make the final movie makes me wonder what was left on the cutting room floor.

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